IT training as a competitive value for business

Why training?

Cristiano Giaroni, CEO of LEN Solution, has always been convinced that the formation model with an expert who speaks and other people who listen is far exceeded. Training is sharing intent, cooperation of ideas, construction of future scenarios, new paths to explore.

Personalized training on the customer

There are still those who believe that training is related to the software installation and testing phase. Nothing further from our belief. Training is a process of continuous and constant growth, in absence of which one remains stationary. We give our customers tailored training, customized to the needs and the time available.

Training and technology

Technologies, and in particular IT solutions, travel at impressive speed. Training cannot be an accessory, an extra. Training cannot be an accessory, an extra. Training is dynamism, it is the ability to read the changes in technologies and the market, it is the ability to achieve an important advantage over the competition. Training is staying one step ahead.

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