“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid.
Men are incredibly slow, inaccurate and intelligent.
The combination of the two constitutes an incalculable force”

Albert Einstein

Computerize processes with innovative IT solutions

The right software for your market

Our job is to advise on the most responsive and performing solutions and recommend the best on the market. Cristiano Giaroni, CEO di LEN Solution, leads a developer team able to plan the best solutions for every type of need, based on the type of company, the market in which it operates and the budget allocated.

Innovative high-tech solutions

Three cornerstones: high technology, proven methodologies and continuous improvement. These facts allow us, LEN Solution, to computerise all the company’s processes. We prepare innovative IT solutions with customs software, logistic software and management software. We provide the correct formation to the software users.

Our experience to serve the customer

Experience, passion and creativity: these are values that guide us through our journey with the client. From the analysis of the business needs and processes to the definition of the project, development and customization of the software. We are always at the customer’s side during installation, testing and continuous upgrade of the solutions.

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